Daniel Fernández

Managing Director Qubiotech (Spain)

Daniel Fernández will demonstrate the unique features of the Qubiotech platform; will show a real brain disease and how the software identifies key features of the disease. Additionally, he will show how a physician can navigate across the brain

As Managing Director at Qubiotech, Daniel coordinates the company’s functional areas and defines and develops business strategy. Qubiotech Health Intelligence develops quantitative image analysis software that helps physicians to improve the diagnostic of neurological diseases. Their first product, IQBrains, is a ready to use cloud based platform that merges MRI and PET brain images into a single multimodal image. After uploading PET and MRI images physician can get a full report in 10 minutes, showing patient brain asymmetry indexes based on ROI’s and multimodal images which can be explored on line using an integrated brain images viewer.