Daniel Steenstra

Visiting Professor in Innovation Royal Academy of Engineering (UK)

2ba1042Prof Daniel Steenstra is the first Royal Academy of Engineering’s Professor in Medical Innovation. He has a unique combination of skills and expertise in Medicine, industry and academia. He graduated in Medicine then worked in product design and innovation management in companies such as Jaguar, Unilever and Alstom. He is MD of Innovations Factory Ltd, which develops and commercialises healthcare products including for near-patient testing. Furthermore Daniel is the MD of InterAlign Organisation Ltd which owns and commercialises intellectual property rights of a complexity management system with application in a range of sectors. Over the last 18 years Daniel led complex multi-stakeholder projects in academia and industry. At Cranfield he leads the Disruptive Healthcare Innovation initiative and research into the practice of disruptive innovation. Daniel leads Cranfield’s biotechnology activities as partner in the Oxford BioMedica consortium to develop a specialist centre of excellence in gene-based therapies.