David Moreno-Dominguez

Neuroimaging Engineer Mint-Labs (Spain)

David will present an example study containing dozens of datasets; how a brain ‘connectome’ looks with our 3D visualization tool (a touch-less interface providing intuitive and fast 3D exploration of complex datasets); and how our group analytics tools helps specialists validate their hypothesis and build imaging markers for neurological diseases.

David Moreno-Dominguez is a Neuroimaging Engineer for Mint Labs. Mint Labs focuses on medical image analysis, scientific visualization and software on a mission to unlock the potential of neuroimaging with a scalable data technology platform. David holds a PhD in Biomedical Engineering specializing in methods development for brain image analysis. He is primarily interested in working on designing and developing product-oriented algorithms and software solutions for biomedical-imaging brain data analysis, to help understand both the healthy and the diseased brain, with a particular interest for brain connectivity.