Dawn Lauter

Project Manager PharmARC

Dawn Lauter is somebody who dares to go down paths previously untraveled. Her journey takes her around the world and along the way – she’s intentionally about changing lives, for the better.
Dawn Lauter is a global marketing consultant and strong advocate for Health 2.0 as a platform for public health communication. She currently works for PharmARC, a market research and analytics company focused on life sciences. Previously, she worked with AyurVAID hospitals to develop marketing and health 2.0 strategies and with Bristol-Myers Squibb sales force effectiveness and product management where she lead the launch and commercial operations of Ixempra across seven Latin American markets. Dawn has a dual-BA in Legal Studies and Latin American Studies from the University of California, Santa Cruz and a MBA from Thunderbird, specializing in Global Marketing and CSR & Ethics.