Deborah Sundal

Vice President of Product Architecture, Enterprise Research and Development UnitedHealth Group (USA)

Deborah SDeborah Sundalundal is Vice President of Product Architecture, Enterprise Research and Development, UnitedHealth Group. A noted health care industry product and operations expert, Deborah works collaboratively with corporate leadership, internal partners, academic leaders and external industry partners to bring new care delivery models, chronic care management programs, and transparency solutions to the market.  Deborah has substantial experience developing and implementing transformational health care products and services that transition quickly from academic research into business settings. Deborah’s expertise allows her to effectively lead the design and implementation of an extensive portfolio of programs that engage consumers, improve health care quality, reduce costs and modernize the health care system.
In addition to leading a portfolio of transformational projects, she also leads the UnitedHealth Group Corporate Innovation Council. This council communicates corporate wide innovation goals and successes, builds collaborations inside and outside of the company, facilitates innovation challenges and partners with internal businesses through the delivery of consulting support, tools and capabilities. These assets enable the delivery of innovations for consumers and customers alike. Deborah goal is to bring evidence-based innovations to the marketplace quickly, so that people can live healthier lives.

Deborah’s insights into consumer engagement and practical approaches to scaling and implementing programs have led to success on a number of initiatives that address prenatal care, childhood obesity, adult weight loss, pre-diabetes, diabetes and transparency for health care cost and quality. Specifically, she led the development of JOIN for ME, a childhood obesity intervention, the Xbox/Kinect study evaluating the effectiveness of adding gaming to a childhood obesity treatment program, the Project NOT ME Virtual Diabetes Prevention Program, Expect with Me, a scalable group prenatal care model and, most recently, the development of Guroo, a publicly available health care cost and quality transparency tool.

Deborah previously served as Director of Wellness Operations at OptumHealth, where she spearheaded the initial development of consumer wellness products including Healthy Weight, Telephonic Wellness Coaching and Quit Power. In this capacity, she also led operational development and management at the organization. Before joining UnitedHealth Group, she co-developed MYnetico, a patent-pending online weight management program for families and children.

Deborah earned a Master’s degree from the University of Minnesota and a Bachelor of Arts from Luther College in Decorah, IA. She resides in Minnesota with her husband and two daughters.