Dr. Shyam Vasudev

President Forus

Dr. Shyam holds a doctorate in Real Time Embedded Systems, specialising in Parallel Computer Architecture from Indian Institute of Science (gold Medal) & has been with CG Smith, Ericsson, Tata Consultancy Services and Philips. He was instrumental in devising one of the first hardware based antivirus solution in 90s.

At Tata Consulting Services as Product Manager, Dr. Shyam spearheaded their new product development initiatives, including the product development programs on Wireless Communications and Medical Electronics. He was involved in university relationships for joint research programs with IISc Bangalore & IIT Mumbai and Alborg University in Denmark to work on wireless technology and medical electronics.

During his stint at Ericsson, Dr. Shyam was responsible for building a technical team of 100+ engineers, involved in the execution of their product development activities at Bangalore. While at Ericsson, he was on a special assignment at their head office in Stockholm, as a Strategic Product Manager for over 2 years. This involved building revenues and profits, through innovative and creative business strategies and extensive customer-centric business analysis.

Working as a director of technology in Philips Innovation Campus Bangalore, he established the innovation framework for Consumer Electronics and Medical Systems division. He exponentially grew the patent portfolio of both the above divisions and established working relationships with best know academic institutions. Dr. Shyam’s hobbies include listening to Hindustani classical music and Technical reading. He is married to Jyothi who is a sitarist. They have 2 sons, Vishnu and Vasudev.