Emily Breslow

Data Scientist & Analytics Manager WHOOP


EMily Breslow

Emily Breslow is a Data Scientist and the Analytics Manager at WHOOP, Inc. WHOOP provides a performance optimization system that combines a wrist-worn hardware device with an innovative cloud-based analytics system. Combined, the system offers athletes the ability to harness physiological data to inform sleep, training, and recovery decision making. Emily has three pending patents for innovations in sleep and recovery monitoring technology developed at WHOOP. She joined WHOOP in 2013 as the first full-time employee and first scientist. Since then, she has been responsible for the full lifecycle of all of the company’s analytics and physiology initiatives. Prior to joining WHOOP, Emily worked in the Analytical and Modeling Unit of the Division of Sleep Medicine at Harvard’s Brigham and Women’s hospital studying circadian biology with a focus on jet lag. In 2013, this research was published in the Journal of Biological Rhythms. As a runner and former gymnast, Emily knows firsthand the importance of sleep and recovery for peak performance. At WHOOP, she blends this personal experience with the sleep and analytic knowledge developed at Brigham and Women’s Hospital to empower athletes to make intelligent, data-driven decisions.