Emma Stanton

Psychiatric Registrar Department of Health

Emma is a rockstar masquerading as a psychiatrist. In her relatively brief medical career she has—take a deep breath—founded BAMMbino, the junior doctors arm of the British Association of Medical Managers; created the consulting company Diagnosis; been a Clinical Advisor to Sir Liam Donaldson (Chief Medical officer at the UK Department of Health); been named an Emerging Leader to the National Leadership Council, chaired by the Chief Executive of the NHS; picked up an MBA from Imperial College, London; and edited the book Clinical Leadership: Bridging the Divide. Right now she’s back in practice at South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation trust, but will soon be moving to Boston to be Commonwealth Fund Harkness Fellow in health policy with Don Berwick and Elliott Fisher. Oh, and if you weren’t already intimidated, she’s also a Round the World yachtswoman!