Erika Bliss

eb_photoDr. Erika Bliss is a highly respected family physician leader, CEO and co-owner of Qliance Management Inc., and President of Qliance Medical Group of WA PC which serves the Puget Sound area in Washington State.

As co-founder, Dr. Bliss started Qliance to bring high quality, accessible, personalized primary care to the general public. She led the initial Direct Primary Care movement in Washington State and nationally, lobbying and encouraging other primary care providers and practices to follow Qliance’s lead and prove that all people are deserving of affordable, primary care whenever and however they need it.

Qliance charges a fixed monthly fee for comprehensive primary care delivered in person, by phone, by email, and by video. Qliance providers and their teams provide full service primary care including close coordination of care outside of the primary care setting. The model has been very successful in exceeding patient expectations, lowering the overall cost of healthcare for populations, and delivering a meaningful benefit to customers ranging from individuals to employers to insurance plans.

As the pioneer in bringing this model to the mass market, Dr. Bliss continues to lead innovative conversations nationwide about ways to reform the US healthcare system. Under Dr. Bliss’ leadership and direction Qliance continues to deliver impressive results through the evolution of the Qliance service model, development of proprietary and co-partnered technology, and customization of the model for any and all populations: employees, individuals, trusts, government, plans, and unique special populations.

Dr. Bliss received her medical education at University of California at San Diego and completed her residency training at Swedish Medical Center in Seattle. She has and continues to serve in many state and national medical leadership bodies including the Washington Academy of Family Medicine, The American Academy of Family Medicine, The American Board of Family Medicine, and the Direct Primary Care Coalition.