Gabriela Voskerician

Chief Executive Officer Optima Integrated Health

1feb73aGabriela is the co-founder of Optima, a physician decision support enterprise focused on medication treatment optimization. Gabriela leads Optima’s partnership with UC San Francisco Medical Center (UCSF MC) in reducing the incidence of stroke and heart failure through optimized medication management supported by innovative care coordination paradigms. Optima’s technology is the first analytic intelligence to demonstrate interoperability with the Electronic Health Record at UCSF MC through an ONC Sponsored Clinical Pilot. Gabriela is an Associate Professor of Biomedical Engineering and Medicine at Case Western Reserve University where she focuses on medical device development paradigms in uncharted markets. One of her interests is the healthcare product development and care coordination models viable in underserved communities. Currently, she is working with Yale School of Medicine and Mount Sinai on hypertension treatment management in Uganda.