Geir S. Arnhoff

Company Information – Dossier serves the Nordic health sector with an innovative point solution for competence management and learning compliance. By engaging in R&D projects with our customers we continuously develop our software to ensure capability where it matters. Partnering with leading technology vendors and solution providers we offer our 300 customers and 300,000 users a seamless and complete platform for talent management.


Speaker InformationGeir S. Arnhoff has been at Dossier Solutions for over a decade and has worked closely with more than 100 enterprises to solve business critical challenges within the field of learning and competence management. His passion is particularly in direction of ensure capability development for clients where competency, learning and quality really matters, such as in healthcare, food production and transportation. Arnhoff is also a chairman of SocialCee, an upcoming and promising Norwegian company helping organizations tighten the relationship to fans and customers.