George Halvorson

CEO Kaiser Permanente

When George left HealthPartners in Minnesota to became the first non-physician head of Kaiser Perma- nente, few suspected that the organization–steeped in its own venerable tradition and culture–could transform itself in the way it has. There have been bumps along the way, but no longer are the behe- moth’s regions following different tracks in IT and clinical care. Instead KP has become the nation’s (and maybe the world’s) leading example of a heath system using a combined inpatient, outpatient and anywhere-patient electronic health record. Kaiser’s also become a model for health reform and the ACO, a leader in improving health services research and translating that to improved outcomes, and a multi- billion dollar contributor to community health programs. Much of this is described in George’s books Health Care Will Not Reform Itself and the forthcoming Health Care Should Not Bankrupt America. In recent years, we’ve seen many aspects of KP’s HealthConnect at Health 2.0, but this is the first time we’ve had the ultimate decision maker here. We’ll be asking George to tell us what we can expect from Kaiser in a world in which its rivals are catching up, and in which the technologies from the Health 2.0 commu- nitty may be pushing it faster than it’s needed to go thus far.