Dr. Gerald Glass

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Dr. Glass co-founded AHCS in 1997 and has served as co-CEO since its foundation. Dr. Glass has always been driven by the use of technology in improving the dynamic between physician and patient. Previously, Dr. Glass was founder, President and CEO of MebSoft, a medical billing software company. MebSoft was a pioneer in retrospectively analyzing carrier reimbursement as it related to diagnosis. Its proprietary software was the first of its kind in improving reimbursement for providers by utilizing a rules-based system in linking diagnosis to reimbursement. Prior to entering medicine, Dr. Glass received his undergraduate degree from North American University while enlisted in the United States Army. He later completed Officer Candidate School and served as an officer in the United States Marine Corps. After leaving the service, Dr. Glass earned a Physician Assistant degree from Western University of Health and Sciences and a Doctorate of Medicine from Windsor University School of Medicine.