Javier Okhuysen

Co-founder and CEO salauno

50d0836dc7801javier_okhuysenwoJavier is the co‐founder of salauno, an eye‐care social enterprise focused on eliminating needless blindness in Mexico. Javier co‐leads since August 2011, a team of 200 people operating a high quality, high volume and low‐cost model that has broken paradigms to increase access to ophthalmology services. salauno won Schwab Foundations 2015 Social Entrepreneur of the Year, Mexico’s National Entrepreneur Award 2014, Entrepreneur of the Year CNN/Expansion 2012 and is part of the Endeavor and IPIHD entrepreneur networks. salauno case studies have been written by Harvard Business School and DUKE University.

Javier’s previous experience includes working in London with Global Infrastructure Partners, a US$14bn PE fund that invests in infrastructure assets. Mr. Okhuysen joined GIP from UBS Investment Bank where he worked from January 2006 in the Infrastructure-Transport team in London and the LatAm team in New York. Javier manages salauno´s “Long Cycle” which includes: expansion, financing (debt, equity, grants), relations with payers (government, insurance companies and NGOs) and the digitalisation of the company.