Jeffrey Brewer

President and CEO Bigfoot Biomedical

jeffrey_brewer_8x10_headshotIn 2014, Jeffrey Brewer co-founded Bigfoot Biomedical with fellow fathers of children with Type-1 diabetes and medical technology innovators Bryan Mazlish (quantitative trader who built an artificial pancreas system for his wife and son), Lane Desborough (former chief engineer of Medtronic), and Jon Brilliant (former CFO of WellDoc, the first FDA-approved mobile prescription therapy) to design and commercialize a truly comprehensive solution for insulin-dependent diabetes that includes automated insulin delivery and a complete service of supply management in a subscription business model that will improve health outcomes, reduce costs, and ease the burden of insulin-dependent diabetes.

Jeffrey will first demonstrate the devices that are part of the current standard of care in type 1 diabetes – syringe, insulin, current diabetes devices – and then move on to display the components of their connected system, including their mobile app for automating insulin delivery.