Jim Kean

jimkean1 Jim Kean is the Founder and CEO of WellnessFx™ a venture backed San Francisco based company that is democratizing access to health care services with its online platform. WFX is creating an efficient health services marketplace for consumers by initially targeting diagnostics and telehealth practitioners.

Prior to WFX Jim founded Sapient Health Network which became the initial consumer facing business of WebMD. In his role Jim pioneered the concept of online consumer health communities, building some of the largest and most loyal groups on the Web today. The company’s service was named one of the “Seven Best Websites of 1998” by Business Week. In 1999, SHN merged with WebMD and later Healtheon to form the current version of WebMD. SHN represented theconsumer side of the merged companies. Today over 23 million consumers per month visit WebMD for health advice. After WebMD, Jim served as Entrepreneur in Residence with Alloy Ventures of Palo Alto.