Jim Phillips

Consultant (UK)

3add82cJim Phillips has over twenty years’ experience in the design, development and implementation of self-management approaches. He led on the setting up of the NHS Expert Patient Programme and has worked with health organisations across Europe , the US and Australia. He is also an expert through lived experience and has been involved in setting up peer support group, campaigning for better care and advising policy makers on developing person centred care approaches. His current portfolio includes being associate editor for the international journal Self Care. Overseeing the implementation of a county wide integrated self-management service in England and is director of the Quality institute for self-management education and training. He has also been involved in the Empathie project, European Health Futures Forum and the European network on Patient Empowerment. He has carried out reviews for tele health companies and is a keen supporter and user of technology and web based tools to optimise care