Joachim Roski

Executive Advisor, Cloud Analytics Booz Allen Hamilton

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Supports public sector clients (e.g., Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, Office of the National Coordinator of Health Information Technology, Veteran’s Administration, Military Health Service, etc.) and private sector providers and payers in supporting care delivery and payment transformation.

Works with a team of analysts, information technology experts, epidemiologists, statisticians, research methodologists, operational researchers and others to develop and apply next-generation measurement and analytic solutions (e.g., data mining, machine learning, simulation/modeling, natural language processing,  “Big Data” Analytics, etc.). Solutions are deployed to monitor and analyze improvements in care processes, population health, and reduction in cost.

Serves as firm-wide expert on the Affordable Care Act and its implications for regulating, measuring, and incentivizing care, population health, health care quality, and value throughout the public and private sectors.