Joanna Strober

CEO and Co-Founder Kurbo Health

jareds2014057Joanna Strober is founder and CEO of Kurbo Health, an app and personal coaching platform, based on Stanford Pediatric weight program, to help kids, teens and their families eat healthier and lose weight. Prior to founding Kurbo, Strober had 20 years of experience in direct private equity and venture capital investing, working with such consumer internet companies as Blue Nile, Babycenter, eToys, Flycast, and Strober, who has a bachelor’s from the University of Pennsylvania and a JD from UCLA, is an experienced public speaker and co-author of “Getting to 50/50,” about women, leadership and balancing work and home life.

Joanna will demo how the Kurbo mobile platform works to help kids, teenagers and their families to learn to eat healthier, exercise more and lose weight.