John Bialk

CEO and Founder Quietyme

John Bialk founded Quietyme (quiet • time) to help manage noise between tenants at rental properties and to protect guests at hotels. The wireless sensor array gathers sound level data along with other vital data about the sleep environment for every room, every second of the day. Hospitals became the focus of indoor noise reduction for the purpose of improved sleep in 2014, and since then Quietyme has collected more data about noise related to sleep in the healthcare setting than any other organization they know of. Using this data to define the problems, identify the solutions and manage the sleep space has led to significant improvements in sleep at the locations that use the Quietyme system of noise management.

John lives in Central Wisconsin with his wife of 31 years. He has 3 married sons and 5 grandchildren. He enjoys problem solving and is active in the local startup community as a mentor. John also spent almost 20 years of his career as a professional photographer. His unique approach to solving problems often leads him into business opportunities.