Jonathan Ward

Managing Director Breaking Free Online Limited (United Kingdom)

j_ward_headshotDr Jonathan Ward is Managing Director and founder of Breaking Free Online Limited. This pioneering online programme gives people 24/7 access to confidential, evidence-based treatment for their difficulties with alcohol or drugs, including prescribed medications and legal highs. Uniquely, it allows them to identify and actively address the underlying psychological and lifestyle factors that are driving their substance use. Jonathan is excited that, as he intended when he conceived Breaking Free Online, it is now helping people overcome major barriers to treatment such as stigma, social anxiety, work and childcare commitments, and lack of access to traditional services. Through consultation with the Ministry of Justice, Jonathan and his team have also recently developed a prison-specific version of Breaking Free Online. Designed to help prisoners avoid relapse on release and break the cycle of reoffending caused by substance dependence, this is the world’s first online health care programme to be delivered in custodial settings.