Karin VanZant

Executive Director, Life Services CareSource

Karin Van ZantIn an industry suddenly enchanted with the opportunity community services and support offer in driving better health – and a better life – Karin’s already been there, done that.  Ten years serving as co-founder and Executive Director of Think Tank (focused on alleviating poverty by equipping communities to embrace mindsets and practices that restore the social fabric of society) helped her evolve her own thinking to one basic premise… there is no better way to help someone improve their lives than by helping them get a job.  Luckily, CareSource (a large Medicaid plan in Ohio) agreed with her vision – and her belief that the best platform for driving that change was through the healthcare system…and so was born Life Services – a new division of CareSource focused on transitioning current Medicaid members off of government subsidies and into a high quality of life.