Kathleen Ellmore

Vice President of Engagement Services Silverlink Communications



As Vice President of Engagement Sciences, Kathleen leads the Consumer Engagement Consulting practice where she uses her deep expertise to apply the proven methodologies that have worked for years in consumer marketing to motivate healthcare consumers to better health and lower costs, as well as build brand through member experience for clients.
Kathleen is a regular speaker on the national stage at various events including at most recently AHIP Consumer Experience Forum 2015, “The Communications Dilemma,” World Healthcare Congress Conference 2015, “Turning Chaos into Clarity,” and.” World Healthcare Congress Conference 2014 on “Lessons Learned from One Billion Consumer Interactions.”

Kathleen’s passion for unlocking consumer insights extends to several areas of analytics and research. She has varied experience in creating consumer segmentations schemes, communications strategy and consumer market research, including journey mapping, survey design and focus groups. She uses the insights garner from the various methodologies to help create the most optimal member experience for her clients’ members.