Kristil Håland

CEO & Co-Founder JordaCare

Company Information – JodaCare is a SaaS solution that will ease the communication between dedicated workers/teachers/health personnel and the patient´s or disabled´s loved ones. JodaCare is an adaptable platform, where an individual’s family members can share important information with healthcare workers, teachers, and other professionals who are working with their loved one.  JodaCare features pictures, calendars, messages and the person’s life story. JodaCare has been developed together with its end users, allowing for adjustments to be made as it has advanced. The end result is a very user-friendly product that provides great value for all users.

JodaCare is currently working with an american partner who has over 20 years of special education experience, ranging from young children to adults with mild to several mental and physical disabilities.


Speaker InformationKristil Erla Håland has than 20 years experience in the sales, she has worked mainly B2B, but lately also B2C, in large global companies and small local businesses. Kristil is herself the daughter of an Alzheimer patient and knows the value of communication with the healthcare workers at her mother’s home.