Lasse Leppäkorpi

CEO & Co-founder Beddit

beddit_0154_croppedLasse Leppäkorpi is the CEO and Co-founder of Beddit. Beddit develops and markets revolutionary products for sleep and wellness monitoring. Beddit has created products for monitoring sleep, heart rate and breathing without any disturbing wearable sensors or additional gadgets. Lasse is a former professional level endurance athlete, triathlete. Through his own experience he has learned the importance of recovery and sleep for optimizing the performance and for avoiding over condition and injuries in sports as well as the importance of stress management as an entrepreneur leading the start-up company and often suffering from jet lag.

Lasse will demonstrate the new Beddit 3 Sleep Tracker and how it helps solving sleep by showing how habits, activities, and feelings impact sleep and how Beddit provides personal insights to help sleeping better.