Lei Xiong

Founder 3D Medicines (China)

Lei XiongDr. Xiong got his phD in Chinese academy of Sciences, where he was trained as a cancer cell biologist focusing on using genomic tool to explore mechanisms of target therapy and chemotherapy. He found IGF-1R signaling could regulate apoptosis by affecting p53-Mdm2 feedback loop. This finding indicates that targeting RTK signaling does not always attenuate cell survival and could inhibit chemotherapy-induced apoptosis. During his postdoctoral studies, he focused on constructing an animal model to study how signaling among different organs affect cell autophagy. He also set up an in vivo model to screen apoptosis-stimulating drugs by using a caspase-cleavage system. By the end of 2010, Dr. Xiong came back to China and founded 3DMedicines, which aims to develop next generation diagnostic tools and precised anti-cancer drugs based on gene mutation. Currently, 3DMed has more than 350 employee and has more than 6 offices in China and 2 CLIA labs. Every year, 3DMed performed near 10,000 cancer smaples by using NGS tools. Notably, 3DMed also developed drugs including PD-L1 antibody and small molecualr TKIs.