Linda Litton

CEO and Founder PreciseMeds

web_gmr1074Linda Litton is the CEO and founder of the consumer pill dispenser PreciseMeds. She conceptualized her idea while taking care of her mother who had terminal cancer in 2011. At that time she found it very difficult to sort out all her medication using the common weekly pill organizer.

Linda is a serial entrepreneur who had successfully brought her prior invention, NeverReach, to commercialization in over 100 retail stores and several overseas distributors. With over 15 years of experience in Information Technology and 13 years as an inventor and start-up founder, she is an expert at transforming problems into solutions using her software and engineering knowledge. She is currently working as a Senior Oracle Developer at the Arizona Department of Health Services.

Linda will be demoing PreciseMeds, a consumer pill dispenser that eliminates pill sorting and provides precise scheduling by licensing the software to the Pharmacy.