Luis Castillo

Founder & CEO NeuroDigital (SP)

Luis Castillo López (Almería, 1984) is a Computer Engineer from the University of Almería (2010), with a Master Degree in Industrial Computing from the University of Almería with a distinction “Summa cum laude” for his dissertation. He received a competitive Postgraduate Research Scholarship to carry out his PhD at the CIEMAT, focused on the “Analysis and Evaluation of Energy Efficiency”. As result of such research activity he has published 1 paper in a scientific international journal, 1 book chapter and 6 papers presented at scientific-technical conferences. He is expert in Robotics, Computer Vision, and Virtual Reality topics.

In 2012 he founded NeuroDigital Technologies, born as spin-off of the University of Almería and currently one of the most promising Spanish startups in the field of Health Technology. NeuroDigital Technologies develops stunning Virtual Reality solutions for Fun&Serious games, paying special attention to solutions for visual, neurological and physical rehabilitation. Its flagship product is Gloveone, a wireless haptic wearable that makes true the ultimate dream of Virtual Technology, “Touch Virtual Reality”. This is was we have coined as and “Extended Virtual Reality” where the user feel and touch everything displayed through a computer screen or through a Virtual Reality Headset. Luis Castillo is currently the Chief Executive Officer of NeuroDigital Technologies.