Lygeia Ricciardi

lygeiaportrait20151Lygeia is a pioneer in consumer engagement and digital health. She has spent nearly 20 years in the public and private sectors shaping policies and corporate strategies that engage and empower individuals with regard to their health and health care.

Lygeia is the President of Clear Voice Consulting, which advises companies from startups to members of the Fortune 500 on digital health strategy. Previously, Lygeia established and directed the Office of Consumer eHealth at ONC (Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT), where she integrated the consumer perspective into federal policies and programs and led the Blue Button Initiative. She has also worked at Harvard Business School, the Markle Foundation, the Federal Communications Commission, and a couple of startups related to technology and learning.

Lygeia has been named among the most influential women in Health IT, recognized as a social media influencer, and featured by C-SPAN, the Wall Street Journal, Health Affairs, and NPR.

Lygeia is also a self-proclaimed Health 2.0 groupie, having enthusiastically participated in the annual conference for most of its 10 years, even the one when she nearly got dragged off the stage because of a federal shutdown.