Mads Emil Matthiesen

CEO & Co-Founder FindZebra

Company Information – FindZebra democratizes access to healthcare through a healthcare assistant app in your pocket. FindZebra’s core product is associating patient signs to diseases. A flagship search tool was launched in 2013 for diagnosing difficult medical cases, and this technology was validated in peer-reviewed articles to perform 2x better than Google, PubMed and OMIM in retrieving the right diagnoses.

Speaker InformationMads Emil Matthiesen started his career as management consultant at The Boston Consulting Group 2013-14. He then raised capital and became CEO for a cardiology measurement device, CathVision, that went on to conduct successful preclinical and clinical tests, and that is currently in partnership and exit phase. Mads co-founded FindZebra with researchers at Technical University of Denmark where he is currently CEO. He has M.Sc. in Biomedical Engineering.