Markus Müschenich

Founder Caterna (Germany)

MarkusMüschenichDr. Markus Mueschenich is a board certified pediatrician and holds a Master Degree in Public Health. For more than ten years he was a member of the executive boards of private and nonprofit hospital companies. 2012 Dr. Mueschenich founded the German Association for Internet Medicine and is member of the board of directors. Since 2013 he is member of the Advisory Board of the Charité Entrepreneurship Summit and of the Expert Panel of Peppermint Venture Partners. He is also the founder of ConceptHealth, a think tank with long-term expertise in issue management and strategic business development based on health care’s future foresight analysis. Dr. Markus Mueschenich is the Co-Founder and Managing Partner of FLYING HEALTH which is a 1:1 accelerator for digital health startups. FLYING HEALTH´s first accelerated investment was Caterna Vision. Caterna offers the first mobile medical app in Germany to be prescribed to patients by physicians and that has reimbursement in place from a statuatory health insurance