Odd Arild Lehne

Company Information –PubGene was founded in response to a clear demand for products that organize information for life sciences. PubGene develops bioinformatics solutions for microarray approaches, including gene and protein arrays. They offer a unique SaaS platform, Coremine, which enables domain-specific community portals combining context networks. Coremine Medical provides qualified connections between medical experts and medical concepts, such as diseases, drugs, treatments, symptoms, and genes, using high quality sources such as e.g. MEDLINE, PubMed, DrugBank, and ClinicalTrials.

Speaker Information – Odd Arild Lehne, CEO of PubGene AS, is the managing director of PubGene. He holds a MSc degree in Computer Science from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) in Trondheim, Norway. He was co-founder of Taskon in 1987 and joined the team starting the consultant company daVinci in 1998. Odd Arild Lehne has more than 25 years of experience international project and business development. He comes from the position as Managing Director of Devoteam daVinci.