Omri Shor

CEO Medisafe

omri_head_shot_1Omri Shor is co-founder and CEO of Medisafe, the leading medication management platform and mobile app.

Inspired to create the Medisafe with his co-founder and brother after their diabetic father accidentally double-dosed on his diabetes medications, Shor drew on his entrepreneurship experience and education to successfully develop and bring the product to market in less than one year, then to become the leading solution in the category with over 3,000,000 registered patients.

Previously, Shor served as employee #1, leading marketing and product for law firm management software Legal App, where he positioned the solution as a SAAS offering and increased the company’s roster from eight to 2,000 clients, enabling it to reach sustainable profitability. Prior to that, he managed a department of twenty-five representatives for Yedioth Ahronoth, Israel’s most widely circulated newspaper.

Today, with over 3.2 million registered users and 2.5M data points, and winning Traction 2014, Medisafe is one of the leaders in this space, and Omri is here to show you their latest developments.