Pawel Cebula

COO & Cofounder MEDIGO (Germany)


Pawel Cebula¬†Pawelwill showcase MEDIGO, a trip advisor type of solution offering a way for the 7 millions ‘medical tourists’ every year to compare and book their surgeries and treatments abroad.

Pawel oversees company strategy, marketing, as well as internal and external operations. Pawel incubated the original idea for MEDIGO during his academic and professional career that spans several countries: China, Germany, United Kingdom, and Poland. In this time, Pawel experienced a range in quality, cost, and access to medical care internationally; he understood that medical travel is a solution for many global healthcare problems. Guided by this vision, Pawel developed a platform and service that makes medical travel easy and safe for everyone. ¬† He is the Co-founder of MEDIGO and currently serves as the company’s COO.