Prabhakar K.

Prabhakar is currently a Director- Technical in Isansys Lifecare Systems Pvt Ltd India operations- a company held by Isansys Lifecare Ltd based out from Oxford, UK co-founded by Mr Keith Errey and Ms Rebecca Weir.  After a long two years of testing, proto typing and running pilot runs of a service solution that is “first of its kind”, he has had the opportunity to exist with sceptics, traditionalists as well as innovators along with visionaries in this space of providing: “anywhere, anytime “solutions for affordable health monitoring and more so preventive and with predictive smart algorithm that cannot just save lives but make quality of life a doable thing and within reach of everyone.

Prabhakar has also worked in manufacturing and product development when there wasn’t an internet but all hurdles for a entrepreneur in India during the 80s.

His route has been pretty interesting, from first electronic telephone exchange by indigenisation of costly interfaces to building solar renewable solutions to tribal hamlets with software and hardware always in the background.