Ram Sahasranam

Co-Founder and CEO Praxify

Ram Sahasranam, co-founder of Praxify, which is currently the leading Practise management solution for doctors, hospitals, pharmacies, labs and patients in India.

Praxify is a healthcare technology platform interconnecting various stake holders of the healthcare ecosystem. Its flagship product is a cloud based physician practice management software with a ZeroType iPad and Web based EHR application which supports 18 therapeutic areas. The platform also extends to patients via first of its kind patient health management mobile application – ConnectHealthy which seamlessly connects patients to their physicians, labs, diagnostics, insurance, hospitals and pharmacies, and lets them manage and take better care of themselves and their loved one’s health.

Prior to Praxify, Ram was involved in bringing the TED conference to India and continue to serve as an ambassador to them. ┬áRam is the President’s Award winner for building India’s first student Formulae style race car.