Ravi Kumar

Chairman Zanec Corp

Ravi is the Chairman of Zanec.  At Zanec he’s developed a unique R&D investment model that enables start-ups to rapidly build, prototype and deploy products.  He has over 20 years of international experience in software technology and management.

Ravi was the former Chairman of iSOFT R&D India, Member of Board of Directors and Chief Technology Officer of iSOFT Group, Manchester, UK. At iSOFT, Ravi was primarily responsible for product & technology strategy and played a key part in building and growing the business from a start-up to over $500m business. Ravi was responsible for leading a number of product teams designing and delivering products, running some of the largest healthcare systems in the world today.

Prior to that, Ravi was CEO of Product division at iSOFT and prior to that he was Director responsible for product development at KPMG Health systems business, UK.