Sam Oddsson

Chief Medical Officer & Co-Founder SidekickHealth

Company Information – Sidekick™ is a social health game designed to engage users through entertaining health improvement and team building. SidekickHealth targets the emotional systems in the brain, because that is where most lifestyle decisions are made. The solutions are science and research based, working with experts from world-leading institutions, in the US such as Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health; MIT Media Lab, Human Dynamics Group; Massachusetts General Hospital.


Speaker Information – Saemundur Oddsson is a digital health and disease prevention enthusiast with a medical background (Internal Medicine) and an experienced researcher who is aware of the fact that 1:3 US adults are prediabetic ticking time bombs at risk of heart attack and stroke. An entrepreneur by nature, Saemundur knows that the real opportunity to have a significant positive impact is using gamified mobile technology to prevent diabetes instead of waiting for the vascular complications and treat them in a hospital. He has also served as a former national team basketball captain who knows that with hard work, anything can be achieved.