Scott Osler

VP of Business Development Getinsured


With the ratification of the Affordable Care Act, individual health insurance plans became commodities available for purchase in the state and federal marketplaces. Since the marketplaces opened in October, there has been widespread confusion expressed from consumers on how to utilize the competitive markets to their advantage. Scott will offer the Health 2.0 audience a glimpse into the future of easy to navigate health insurance ecommerce with his demonstration of Getinsured. With filter features such as co-pay, deductibles, and support services, Getinsured provides users with a number of suggested plans to ensure a highly personalized consumer fit.┬áBecause like a good pair of jeans, insurance plans should fit you, not vice versa, unless of course you’re a hipster, in which case your jeans should be 3 sizes to small, and stained from your hemp based meal.