Seong Ju Kang

Director General, Office of Internet Convergence Policy MSIP

Seong Ju KangMr. Kang is currently serving as the Director-General of the IT Strategy Bureau at the Ministry of Science, ICT & Future Planning(MSIP) in Korea. His work includes the promotion of IT use in the public and private sector, cyber security, resolving digital divide and internet policy. Since 1987, DG Kang has been making efforts to promote the use of IT technology for innovation; until the early 1990s, his work focused on country-level digitalization projects that raised efficiency and transparency of government administration such as vehicle and real estate management. In 1994, DG Kang was joined the taskforce team responsible for developing broadband network to the world’s best by dramatically improving the internet environment through implementation of the “Information Superhighway”. In 2004, his work continued to promote IT technology by establishing national strategy to help both the public and private sector make full use of ubiquitous technology, including u-health and u-learning. He has confidence that government operation and private sector productivity as well as personal creativity can all be improved by innovation based on IT technology; to achieve this goal, he is dedicating himself to change the bMr. Kang studied at Syracuse University and Pennsylvania State University in US, he has also worked at the OECD as part of the permanent mission of Republic of Korea and published a number of papers and treatises on innovation utilizing IT technology.