Seth Sternberg

Co-founder & CEO Honor

seth_sternberg_headshot_1_1_1Prior to co-founding Honor, Seth was the Co-Founder & CEO of Meebo, which brought instant messaging to the web (acquired by Google). At Google, Seth became a Product Director working on the Google+ Platform, and then within GoogleX. However, now he’s heading up Honor which is the new darling of Silicon Valley – and a fresh face in the caregiving market. They are widely slated to become ‘the Uber of Caregiving’ and have made enough of a mark that they were already invited to speak at the uber-exclusive White House Council on Aging… it will be interesting to hear their vision for the intersection of Uber-like technology and caregivers, and their take on how to dominate a reasonably old-fashioned-highly-regulated-maybe-kind-of-risk-averse industry with the notion that caregiving is not just a disease that deserves solutions – it’s a massive market opportunity.