Shigeo Okamoto

Chairman of the Board of Directors Orange Cross Foundation (Japan)

Okamoto, Shigeo_Photo

Shigeo Okamoto established “Orange Cross Foundation” for the purpose of contributing to integrated community care and promoting research activities. He began his business career in 1983 with the commercialization of the nursing care shop at Kuraray Co., Ltd. In 1990, he was placed in charge of the field of medical/care at Mitsubishi Research Institute Co., Ltd., and in 1993, he became head of the field of medical/care at the Meiji Seimei Group and established two business companies. Joining Saint Care Holding Corporation in 2007, Mr. Okamoto was placed in charge of the New Business Development Department and the Home Visit Nursing Department. In 2012, he began development of the care robot, and in 2014 he commercialized care robots and established a company providing care robot services.