Stefan Gräff

CEO & Co-Founder Ewa Solutions

Company Information – Ewa Solutions has a goal that all seniors age with joy. Ewa Care is a remote senior monitoring platform that provides safety and peace of mind to seniors and relatives. The solution consists of a cloud based intelligence platform combined with physical sensors placed in the home of seniors. With more home data, today’s reactive and expensive senior care can be replaced with a preventive and far less expensive approach that preserves the quality of life for all seniors.

Speaker Information  – Stefan Gräff is the CEO and Co-Founder of Ewa Care.
He is an engineer with a background in management and consulting. Soon after completing his MBA he devoted his energy and focus into building startups. Stefan is a problem solver that thrives on leading teams to success. He focuses on transforming ideas into scalable businesses. Utilizing new technology in order to help people and at the same time tackle one of the growing challenges in our society is just immensely rewarding.