Sunita Maheshwari

Founder & Chief Dreamer RXDX and Teleradiology Solutions

Dr Sunita Maheshwari is a US Board certified Pediatric Cardiologist who did her training at Osmania Medical College and then at Yale University in the US. She was the winner of the ‘Young Clinician Award’ from the American Heart Association and the ‘Best Teacher Award’ at Yale University. She was Head of Department at Narayana Hrudayalaya for a decade. She has over 200 scientific lectures and 60 scientific publications to her credit. She was nominated one of the Top 20 women achievers in medicine in India in 2009.

Her other interests include teaching and spreading the word about children with heart disease and what can be done for them as well as writing-she was the Editor of the Pediatric Cardiac Society of India journal. She currently runs the first of its kind innovative e-teaching program, accredited by the National Board in Delhi, for postgraduates in Pediatric Cardiology all across India. Additionally she has recently written ‘a chota book of parenting’ for Indian parents.

Apart from her medical clinical work she is a medical entrepreneur and helped set up Teleradiology Solutions (a one of its kind innovative health care IT company ranked #1 in the US in 2011) that provides teleradiologic interpretations to hospitals globally and now in remote areas of India and Telerad tech (a health care technology company). She also cofounded RXDX and RXDX kids, multispeciality acute care clinics in Whitefield, that believe that health care delivery can be done in a way that doesn’t let a patient “feel like a patient”.

She is active in the social arena in India where she runs 2 trust funds. People4people has put up 122 playgrounds thus far in poorer sections of Karnataka, especially in government schools, and funds activities for children. Telrad Foundation provides telerad services to poor areas in Asia that do not have access to high quality medical reports. Patients at hospitals such as Ramakrishna Mission hospital in Arunachal Pradesh have been greatly benefited by diagnostic reporting by this foundation which brings high quality low cost diagnostics to remote India

Her efforts over the past decade to use technology to successfully educate doctors and to help patients in remote areas of India and other parts of the world was recognised when she was chosen as one of the few innovative entrepreneurs invited to meet President Obama on his trip to India.