Tiliang Deng

Founder & Chief Scientist Dream Bioscience

Tiliang DengDr. Deng is founder and chief scientist of Dream Biosciences in San Diego, CA. He was founder and CEO for 10 years of AD&D Biotech in San Diego, CA. Earlier, he was tenure-track assistant professor in biochemistry at University of Florida. He did his postdoc with Michael Karin (US academy member with 69 papers in Cell, Science and Nature) at UCSD. He obtained his PhD from Ohio State and his MBA from Cornell. He has published many papers in top tier journals, including 6 papers in Cell and Nature (2 are first author papers). He has 4 US patents, which have been licensed to Celgene (market cap at $100B). He was one of the 59 CUSBEA students selected from entire China in 1982.