Tim O’Reilly

Founder O'Reilly Media

Before he coined the term Web 2.0, before he was running conferences, Tim’s company literally wrote the guidebooks to the emerging field of computers, and then published The Whole Internet’s User’s Guide and Catalog in 1992 (yes, pre-browser!) which morphed into the first portal Global Network Navigator. All this time Tim has been observing and molding the technology industry and the developers who drive it, acting as a facilitator and a mentor, and still, as a guide. He’s also not shy to criticize those who “don’t leave some of the value they create for the commons”. His mark is everywhere including the Web 2.0 Conferences, Foo Camps and via scores of other gatherings and publications—including the new Web 2.0 “Points of Control” map, and of course the O’Reilly Radar.

While we’ve been borrowing Tim’s concepts and applying them to health care for a few years, it’s only recently that his focus has turned to health care and government. Our growing connections around the Health 2.0 Developer Challenge are culminating in the first of what we hope are many interactions introducing the wider Web 2.0 and developer community to health care and vice versa. We’re thrilled to have Tim here today to talk about the connections between Web 2.0, Health 2.0 and how he sees the future of technology in our rather strange business.