Todd Park

Chief Technology Officer US Health and Human Services

Despite escaping from athenahealth and moving to California, Todd was dragged back to the East Coast in 2009, where he’s has been spending 25 hours a day at HHS promoting the cause of data Liberación. In March 2010 he spearheaded the Community Health Data Initiative (CHDI), now called the Health Data Initiative. He next masterminded the new site, including getting some techie called Barack Obama to record a nifty 4 minute demo—any of you CEOs who think you’re too important to run your own demos at Health 2.0 take note please! All this time Todd’s been working with the Health 2.0 community as we launched the Health 2.0 Developer Challenge, which he’ll help showcase today. And just last month, HHS launched the Health Indicators Warehouse and Want data? Todd will get it for you, because he loves the smell of coding in the morning!