Viet Nguyen

Chief Medical Officer Leidos

viet_nguyen_0901Viet Nguyen, MD, is a board certified clinical informaticist and Chief Medical Officer for Information Systems & Global Solutions, Leidos Health, working toward improving continuity of care and patient safety through integrated technology. He works as an informaticist with federal agencies and standards development organizations, supporting terminology and interoperability efforts. He was trained in internal medicine and pediatrics at the University of Cincinnati and Cincinnati Children’s Medical Center, and at the University of Utah as a medical informatics fellow.


In the Care Continuum breakout, Viet will be demonstrating our eHIIP-Care Coordination Module (eHIIP-CCM), which addresses the high-risk transition from hospital to outpatient care by reconciling key patient data to create a HL7 FHIR-based, computable, discharge care plan.