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January 9, 2013 at 10:00am PT

Bridges Between Innovators and Hospitals for Care Transition Improvement

Care Transition improvement was one of our most popular breakout topics at the 2012 Fall Conference, so we’re revisiting the topic with experts, reports, and companies in the field.

The hospital sector is currently undergoing a major transformation; Health 2.0 innovations are increasingly valuable for their care transition needs. But as hospitals are rushed to improve their performance and working with Health 2.0 companies is still new territory for many of them, there are a lot of pressing questions for both hospitals and innovators:

  • What do hospitals know about Health 2.0 companies, and what do they know about working with them?
  • What do Health 2.0 companies know about making it easy for hospitals to start using their technology in the hospital?

Health 2.0 Advisors, with support from the Gordon & Betty Moore Foundation, has conducted thorough research in the care transition innovation field. We will be discussing their two exciting, soon-to-be-released guides to help Health 2.0 companies navigate the hospital landscape and vice versa. We will also showcase and discuss care transition innovation demos with companies who succeeded already.

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