HxRefactored 2014 was a great success! The a revolutionary design and technology conference gathered over 650 designers, developers and leaders in health for two days of thought provoking talks, workshops and discussions on improving the quality of the health experience. Click here to view HxR 2014 videos. Stay tuned for more details about HxR 2015 on April 1-2 in Boston!

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The conference will feature:


Developers, designers, technologists, and innovators passionate about the health experience.


April 1-2, 2015


Westin Boston

“Health:Refactored convened a vibrant mix of doers in Health technology, with a clear focus on designing, building, and iterating on better health tools”. – Josh Mandel, SMART

“Everybody here is coming at design from a different point of view but everybody is trying to leverage their design super powers for changing the world and saving lives and I can’t think of a another conference I have been at where it was so unified around such an inspiring cause” – Jane McGonigal, SuperBetter